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Distributor Lookup and Quick View

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The Distributor Credit Report provides insight about the historical pay habits of the distributor. To access the distributor credit report in Connect, type the distributor’s ASI number or company name in the Distributor Lookup box. Then, click on the Go button.

If you are a subscriber of Connect Plus, Connect Platinum or Connect with Prospect Hunter, you are also able to access the credit report by clicking on the distributor's ASI number through the Connect application.

You can also access the distributor credit report from the Distributor Quick View.

Click on any distributor ASI number in Connect will open a pop-up window known as the Distributor Quick View. Inside the window, the distributor's contact information plus a numerical credit score are displayed. Click on the Credit Report button to view the distributor credit report.

The distributor’s ASI number will be visible in the red header section. Inside the window, the distributor’s company name, address, office hours, phone number(s), fax number (if available), email and website information will be displayed. The credit score will be prominently shown in a grey box with large green numbers.

At the bottom of the Distributor Quick View, there are three buttons available:

  • Monitor Detail: View the full Monitor Detail Report, which includes average pay habits, past due transactions, non-sufficient check and turn over collections/write-offs.
  • Comparison Analysis: View where the distributor is grouped based on the reported volume of purchases for the past six (6) months.
  • Credit Report: View the full credit report for this distributor.

The distributor credit report will be displayed.

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