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Coupon Manager

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In the Coupon Manager section, you can edit, copy, or delete already existing coupon codes, or create new ones. All existing coupons will be listed and you can use the search bar to help you locate an already created coupon.

In addition to locating coupons using the search bar, you can also click on a column heading to sort in an ascending or descending alphanumeric order.
Note: Discount Value and Order Minimum are not clickable columns for sorting.

What would you like to do in the Coupon Manager?

Create a New Coupon

To create a new coupon code for your site, we can click on the Create New Coupon button.

In the Create A Coupon window, enter the desired information into the available fields:

Code (Required)

This is the code shoppers will enter during the checkout process on your site.

Name (Required)

The Coupon Name will help you retrieve the coupon in the Coupon Manager.


This information will not be shown on your live site(s) so no customers will see it. This is just a field for your reference and is not required.

Start Date and Expiration Date (Required)

These dates will help determine when the coupon will be active on your site(s).

Discount Value and Discount Type (Required)

These fields enable you to select whether the discount value will be a set amount or based on a percentage. Use the Discount Type dropdown to select Amount Discount or Percent Discount and then enter the numeric value for the discount in the Discount Value box.

Order Minimum (Required)

Enter the minimum amount necessary for this coupon to be applicable.


The level will determine the visibility of this coupon information to users within your company.

When you are finished entering the specifications for the new coupon, click on the Save button.

The new coupon will now be added to the Coupon Manager list. The coupon code will be active from the start date until the end date.

Accept Coupons During Checkout

After locating your site in the My Sites area and clicking on the Edit Site button.

Expand the eCommerce section. Then, click on the Check-Out and Order Management link.

Go to the Coupon & Points Options section and check the Accept Coupons checkbox.

When you are finished, click on the Make Changes Live link.

Copy a Coupon

To copy an existing coupon, locate it in the Coupon Manager. Then, in the Actions column, click on the arrow next to Edit and select Copy from the dropdown.

The Copy Coupon window will open. While most of the information from the orginal coupon will be filled in, the Code, Name, and Expiration Date fields will need to be filled in.

After you've enter the required information, click on the Copy button at the bottom of this window.

The new coupon will be listed in the Coupon Manager.

Delete a Coupon

To delete an existing coupon, locate it in the Coupon Manager. Then, in the Actions column, click on the arrow next to Edit and select Delete from the dropdown.

A notification will prompt you to confirm that you would like to delete this coupon. Click on Yes. The coupon will be deleted.
Note: Deleting a coupon is a permanent action and it cannot be undone.

Edit a Coupon

To modify an existing coupon, locate it in the Coupon Manager. Then, in the Actions column, click on Edit option.

The Edit Coupon window will open and you will be able to update any field. When you are finished, click on Save.

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